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Personalize Your Puzzle in 4 Easy Steps

May 21, 2021 3 min read

Personalize Your Puzzle in 4 Easy Steps

Our montessori-style wooden peekaboo puzzles are the ideal toy for your little one to play, discover, and learn new skills.  Unlike many of the toys available for us parents (and grandparents!) to give to our little ones, we intentionally designed  these peekaboo puzzles for safety, endless fun, and most importantly on-going use.
When we set out to design these puzzles, we were at the beginning of a pandemic when our own children were unable to see family and friends who love them dearly. We used to take photos of everyone we wanted our children to learn, and show them to our children to try and get them to learn their faces. This worked for about 3 seconds until our child was onto the next thing.That's why we wanted to make learning the faces of our family and friends exciting and fun.
From there, this product evolved into not only a fun puzzle, but also a tool we as parents could use to educate our children about pretty much anything we could think to insert into the customizable puzzle. We've done things like color matching, animals, numbers, and more!
Now here is the big question everyone asks. "I am not a crafty person AT ALL.. Will this make me want to pull out my hair trying to get it right??" Well, we certainly hope not (postpartum hair loss is bad enough, am I right??). In fact, this puzzle was designed to be not only easy to use, but extremely functional and safe for your child.
Inserting your own photos is a synch with our simple design which allows you to easily place and tape your pictures onto a template which slides out of the puzzle.
Here are 4 easy steps:
Step 1 - Remove Puzzle Pieces
Remove Puzzle Pieces and Inserts.
Using your thumb and middle finger, pinch the acrylic inserts and slide them out of the puzzle (2 pieces of acrylic will come out). Set aside the top (thicker) piece of acrylic for replacing into the puzzle after you add your photos.
Trace your cutout on on your photo.
Trace the cutouts on the picture.
Using the puzzle piece from each slot, trace each shape or circle onto the photo you would like in that slot. The puzzles are designed to fit standard 4x6 photos trimmed to size. When positioning the photos on the guides, it is important to try and position the subject of the photo as close to the center of the guide as possible. This will ensure that the subject appears in the center of the slot when it's all put together. Pro tip: if you trace the shape slightly larger than the puzzle piece, this will allow for some wiggle room so the photo takes up the full slot when its all slid back into the puzzle. After you have traced you photos, grab some scissors and cut them to size on your trace lines!
Step 3: Tape your pictures in place.
Tape photos in place.
Time to grab the tape and place your photos on top of the shape or circle guides (depending on which puzzle you purchased) on the thinner piece of acrylic. Your photos should cover the full shape/circle they are positioned over, but should not overlap the neighboring photos/guides. Once the photos are positioned, tape them in place by using a small piece of tape outside of the guide lines, or on the back of the photo. If you have double-sided tape for the back of the photo that works perfect, but normal tape works just as well!
Step 4 - Secure photos then slide into the puzzle.
Secure your photos then slide into the puzzle.
The "hard" part is done! All you need to do now is place the thicker, top piece of acrylic on top of the bottom one that you've just taped your photos to. Holding both pieces of acrylic together, with the photos sandwiched in between, just slide them both back into the side opening of the puzzle! Depending on your photo/paper thickness, it may be a snug fit, but do not force it in. If it does not fit easily, you may need to try a thinner paper weight for your photos. The puzzles are designed to fit standard photo paper. 
That's it! It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4! The best part about this is you can get creative by taping photos of animals, numbers, letters, etc to the back of the puzzle pieces and having your child match with what is in the puzzle. The possibilities are endless, and we're here to help with any questions you may have, or even if you are just looking for ideas for play.
Happy play!
- Paige