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Our Story

Hi, I'm Paige.

I am the creator of Familiar Faces Toys. I'm a wife to the love of my life and mama to two little girls!

As you can imagine, much of our days are spent playing. Playing outside at the park. Playing with block towers. Playing with musical instruments... Lots and lots of playing! Months after beginning my favorite role of motherhood, I wanted to start teaching my daughter who her family members were through pictures, and what better way to do it than create something she could PLAY with.  My husband and I built a puzzle with the faces of her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who all live in different cities, and she LOVED it! We started gifting our handmade puzzles to nephews and friends for 1st Birthdays, and shortly after decided to jump in and turn this idea into a real thing!

As a parent, there's no better feeling than watching your baby learn new skills and make new connections around them every day. With each puzzle shipped out, I can almost see the smiling face of the sweet baby or toddler when they lift the puzzle piece to uncover someone they love! 💛

We are here to create happiness in learning...one adorable baby at a time!  

Made for the little love in your life, our puzzles are special and so adored by each family they find. Our Montessori-design puzzles allow your baby to learn the faces of family, friends and even pets in their lives in a playful way while practicing many new skills - color and size differentiation, shape identification, hand-eye coordination, facial recognition and fine motor skills. We pick the best quality materials that piece together to create a truly beautiful puzzle.